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What software tools do other schools use...

Consult the Systems Matrix for an inventory of what other UMBUG schools are working on and what releases of the various Banner modules and related third party software each has in production and/or test.

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Vendor sponsorship plan - Oct. 23, 2014

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Use our search tool for finding presentations, hand-outs and supplemental materials as well as conference evaluations from a past conference

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As UMBUG has grown we have accumulated a number of resources developed by members to share solutions, lessons learned, and tips, techniques on a variety of Banner and related third party functionality.

To make this information more readily accessible to all our members we provide a single repository to store all UMBUG reference materials. This also includes the last UMBUG conference workshop and concurrent session materials.

To use the search options, follow the 2 step process below. The first step is to enter your primary search selection. Simply enter the Subject Matter and/or Conference Date using the drop down windows below. Once you enter your primary search selection below, you will be presented with a more detailed list of all presentation and supplemental material related to that selection with several attributes displayed. The second step is to click on the artifact listed to display the desired reference material. If you need to look further, go back and click on another artifact.